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booj Content Blocks

If you want to understand booj Websites, a great place to start is with understanding Content Blocks. Content Blocks make up every page of the booj websites and allow for control and customization! A Content Block is simply a specific section of information that can be

displayed on a web page or home page.


There are many types of Content Blocks that you can add to your website including:

  • Photo Content Blocks - upload image or choose from stock photos

  • Video Content Blocks - upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia

  • Text Content Blocks - free text fields, quotes and process steps

  • Reviews Content Blocks - Show off your reviews from Zillow or import manual reviews

  • Social Media Content Blocks - Showcase your social media sites through interactive widgets


On any page of your website you can edit the information contained in a content block, add a content block, remove a content block or rearrange the order of content blocks. Content Blocks make customizing your website fast and easy in the CMS Website Editor!


Check out the videos below for more information about the content blocks and how to use them for your booj website.


Reminder: You may need to login to your RE/MAX account using your address in order to view the resources.



Content Block Overview


Text Based Content Blocks


Video Content Blocks


Image Content Blocks



How to Add Reviews to your booj Website

Online Reviews can help you build your online reputation, can help people find your business and most importantly they help build consumer trust. Showcase your amazing testimonials and reviews on your booj-powered website by adding a Reviews Content Block to your home page or any custom page.


There are two options for Reviews Content Blocks:

  1. Zillow Reviews: Got Zillow Reviews? The Zillow Reviews content block will automatically pull in a feed of your Zillow reviews to be displayed on your website. This is the easiest and fastest way to get reviews on your site. 

  2. Manual Testimonials: The Manual Testimonials content block allows you to manually add in reviews sourced from any site or platform to be featured on your website. This is ideal for users who do not have Zillow Reviews or users who want more control over what reviews are displayed.

No matter which option you choose, you will be showcasing what makes you and your business shine on any page of your booj website! For more information on how to setup your Zillow Reviews Content Block or the Manual Testimonials Content Block click on the video links below.



Zillow Reviews Video


Manual Testimonials Video



Customizing Your Agent Website with BOOJ

You can start editing your website so that it is as unique as you are! All edits to your website are done within the CMS Website Editor, which acts as the back end of your website. The CMS Website Editor is accessible through the booj Platform tile in MAX/Center.


A great place to start is with editing the Home Page of your booj Agent website. You can select from multiple different home page template designs, including a Search Focused design, a Social Media Focused design, a Video Focused design and a Modern design. You can then edit, add, delete and rearrange all content blocks on your home page so that the most important information is front and center.


After editing your Homepage, you can then begin adding new pages to your website with localized content that is important to you and your business. Start building community pages, vendor pages, resource pages and more! You can even rearrange the order of your pages using the CMS Navigation Editor (Menu View).


For more information about how to customize your website, check out the videos below. You can watch a video walk-through for editing your home page, a video for adding a page and an overview of the different editing views for the Websites section of the booj platform.



Editing Your Homepage Video


CMS Editor Views Video


Add a Web Page Video

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