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Creating an account will give you access to these great Photofy features:

  • RE/MAX branded content

  • Saved purchases to the user account

  • Access to free rewards

  • Access to purchased content on phone and tablets

How do I sign up for Photofy?

1. Log into your MAX/Center account (

2. Select your photo in the upper left hand corner to open your profile 

3. In the URL (web address), you will see a 9 digit number. That is the agent ID that you will need.  Copy that number













4. In another tab, open


5. Entire the required information.  In the 'Agent ID' field, you will paste the number that you copied from your MAX/Center account


6. Once you have agreed to the terms, open your app store and download the Photofy app


7. Log into the Photofy app by entering the email address you used to signup for Photofy

I signed up for Photofy and downloaded the app. Now what?

Watch the video below for a great (and only 90 second!) tutorial that will show you how to access the assets within Photofy so you can start creating. 

Is there a cost associated with Photofy?

Agents have a 90 day free trial.  After the 90 day free trial there is a $4 per month subscription fee to Photofy. 


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